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How to contribute in Elcoin Token (ELC) Sale

This sale allows you to contribute to the ICO with bonus. You will find the bonus terms and ETH address below.

Send ETH and receive ELC immediately. Bonus 15%

Gas Limit: 200,000 Gas Price: 21 gwei
How to contribute
Read Whitepaper
Do not send from exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken!

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ICO Details

Token details
Role of token
  • ELCoin Purchase
  • ELCoin data access
  • ELCoin rewarding
Token suply 60,000,000
Token distribution 30,000,000 (50%)
Symbol ELC
Initail value 1 ELC = 1 USD
Tokens Ethereum ERC20 utility
Token Distribution Event details:
Sale period:
  • November 19, 2017 -
  • May 31, 2019, 12:00 p.m. PST
Token distribution date: June 01, 2019
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, EUR, USD
Hard Cap: $ 30,000,000
Unsold tokens policy: Any unsold tokens during the Token distribution will be burned.

Token Distribution Structure

  • 50% Token buyers
  • 20% Team (freezing for 1/2 year)
  • 20% Reserve Fund
  • 5% Advisors / Mentors
  • 5% Bounties

Executive team

S.P.E. ELIS, Head of the EU Headquarter.

Msc in Management Science. PhD candidate in the field of Theory of Decision-Making. Used to work as development manager at DB Schenker. Has essential experience in managing big international projects.

Dmitry Abramov
S.P.E. ELIS. Managing Director.

Inventor and developer of devices. Founder of the company in Russia. Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions. Patentee. Author of many books, manuals and methodical recommendations.

Sergey Konoplev
S.P.E. ELIS. CTO. Crypto Technologies.

Responsible for development of Crypro Projects Economist, Developer of finansial technologies. CEO of the group of companies "LavinaGroup". Has essential experience in projects management Group.

Nikolay Dulin


Prof., MD. Cardiologist

Author of more than 230 scientific works. Among his students there are more than 40 Doctors of Medical Sciences. Member of the European Society of Cardiology. Russia.

Alexander Aftandilov
Msc. Founder of Totalhealth Clinics

Holistic Health Practitioner and Bioresonance Therapy. UK.

Kostantinos Kapelas
CEO Elismed clinics, senior health specialist

Msc at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Bulgaria and Greece.

Nikolas Chatzibalassis
Doctor Cardiologist, pulmonologist

Therapist, specializes in diagnostics, treatment of various diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, urinary and other body systems. Russia.

Ramiz Guluzade
Academician, Prof., MD

Academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation. Head of the Department of Clinical Physiology of Non-Drug Methods of Therapy at the Faculty of Advanced Training of Medical Workers, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

Raisa Tatarintseva
Doctor Therapist

Expert in bioresonance technologies, dietarian and nutritionist, homeopath, masseur, gastroenterologist, Ultrasound diagnostician. Russia.

Alex Sushkov
Doctor Reflexotherapist

Leading Specialist of the ASCON rehabilitation center. Russia.

Tatiana Baranova
Doctor Surgeon of the highest category

Gastroenterologist, diagnostician, rehabilitation specialist, homfunctional eopath, specialist of VRT and BRT, organizer of public health of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Russia

Flura Gilmutdinova
MD, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences

Member of the European Association of Chinese Medicine. Lithuania.

Vitalijus Naumavicius
MD. Chief Specialist

Doctor of Natural Medicine. International Center for Health Innovation. Lithuania.

Igors Bickovs
Prof. MD. Latvia.

Head of clinics for Acupuncture and Chinece Medicine (Latvia). Vice President of Pan European Federation for Traditional Medicine. Member of The World Club of 100 Leading Professors (Cambridge, UK). Co-founder and Director of International Association of Integrative Medicine (IAIM, USA). Author of more then 300 scientific works, 7 monograms, 14 inventions.

Nikolajs Nikolajevs
Msc Information systems and technology

University Of Liverpool, Business Director at AgRay s.r.o (Medical certification and medical equipment dealership). Partner for Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and African region.

Raymond C. Onuh
CEO of Pharma Complex Solutions Sp.

Partner in Poland.

Lukasz Nowaczek
Partner in Spain and Portugal

Coach and CEO within the international investment. Partner in Spain and Portugal.

Iain Michael William Tozer
M.D., Ph.D., Cardiac Surgery

Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Consultant Surgeon. Redo cardiac surgery. Bakulev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow, Pediatric Cardiac surgery. Cardiothoracic Surgery Network.

Amir Kramer



When does the main Token Distribution Event start? How long it will be?

ELCoin Token Distribution Event begins on November 27, 2017 at 6 AM PST and will continue till December 27, 2017.

What is the Hard Cap? What is the cost of one token?

Hard Cap equal is $ 30,000,000. 30 million tokens ELC will be sold at a fix price $1 for one token. The total amount of ELC tokens is 60 million.

When does the pre-sale start? How can I participate in it?

The pre-sale kicks off on 6 November, 2017 and will continue for 21 days. During the pre-sale, pre-sale tokens will be released which will be converted to the main ELC tokens after the end of TDE. The minimum buy during the pre-sale will be 0.1 ETH, the maximum 1000 ETH. If you want to participate in the pre-sale of ELC tokens submit your application in Crowdsale Waitlist form.

What about discounts?

For pre-sale participants 20-10% discount is available. It means that during the ELC token distribution at the end of the TDE, ELC tokens will be distributed with 1.2-1.1 coefficients.

What about legal status of ELC tokens?

ELC emits Utility Tokens, which are not securities. In its activity, the ELCoin team will make all possible efforts to implement the norms of legislators and regulators and interact with them effectively.